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At Sawtooth, children and teens are transformed from students into artists. They have the opportunity to work in professionally equipped studios. They learn from skilled teacher-artists whose sole purpose is to nurture and support them in their creative explorations.  

Our small class sizes encourage students to pursue their own ideas and interests. The high quality art education we offer is a proven antidote to “teaching to the test”—young people develop critical thinking skills in a joyful, creative environment.  

Classes throughout the year are designed for youth from pre-K through high school. You are sure to find something that fits your child’s schedule: weekly classes, summer camps, and adult/child workshops.

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Imagination Thrives Here

Squeeze it! Roll it! Paint it! In the Atelier studio, pre-K children begin to see the world through the eyes of an artist. As they experience the joy of creating, they are improving their hand-eye coordination, building self-confidence, and developing critical cognitive skills.


Classes emphasize the basics of art, including line, texture, shape, contour, dimension, perspective, and color. As children apply these concepts in multi-step projects, they can give their imagination free rein. The Atelier is a place where they can discover their own artistic voice and a sense of pride in their artwork.


In our Atelier studio during the school year, we offer multi-week classes and adult/child workshops.  During the summer, Camp Sawtooth offers eight different week-long, themed half-day art camps.


Explore, Learn, Grow

Elementary school is a period of building new skills and achieving mastery over Sawtooth Youth Art programs for elementary-age students are designed to spark imagination, encourage self-expression and make a lifelong connection to visual arts. Students can choose to focus on one medium or sample a variety of media, from clay and paint to printmaking and photography. In the Arts and Innovation Club, students integrate art and STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math), using creative problem-solving approaches to come up with exciting discoveries.


During the school year in the elementary school studios, we offer multi-week classes, weekend workshops, and adult/youth workshops in a variety of mediums.  During the summer and during school vacations, Camp Sawtooth offers eight different week-long themed art camps, both half- and full-day.


Creativity in Focus

During the school year, we offer classes for teen art students in all of our studios. Students can hone their individual creative focus, explore new ideas and refine their technique in professionally equipped studios.  Thanks to small class sizes and tailored instruction, students have the ability to explore art forms in ways appropriate for novices or for those with experience. Through these hands-on experiences, Sawtooth teen students develop their individual creativity, pursue new ideas, and push the boundaries of what they thought they could achieve.