The light-filled ceramics studios overlooking Winston Square Park contain everything students of ceramics could want. There are four studio areas: wheel-throwing, hand-building, glazing and drying, and the kiln room. Classes are offered in wheel-throwing, hand-building, glazing, design and clay sculpture for adults, teens and children of all skill levels. Students currently enrolled in a class have access to Open Studio time outside of class.

For more information about Sawtooth Ceramics programming, please contact department director Warren Moyer at warrenmoyer@sawtooth.org or 336.723.7395 x1203. You can also sign up for our ceramics email list to stay in touch with us.



Our wheel throwing and handbuilding studios include 18 potters’ wheels, 2 slab rollers, 2 extruders, 3 electric kilns, glazes and 2 large gas kilns, as well as ample storage space.