a fiber graffiti community event

From June 20th through August 1st, the Davis Gallery at Sawtooth transforms into an interactive fibers exhibit and maker space.

Fiber graffiti, also known as “yarn bombing”, is a form of street art that uses vibrant displays of knitted, crocheted yarn, and fiber instead of traditional spray paint and chalk.

Make a pompom, crochet a granny square, or donate an old knit scarf! People of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds are welcome to participate by adding to the fiber graffiti installation.

The pieces made from the exhibit will be joined together to form a large-scale sculpture, much like a community quilt, then installed throughout Winston-Salem to commemorate the September opening of the Senior Services Intergenerational Center for Art and Wellness.

To contribute to the making of the installation, register for our Yarn Splash! workshop events at the links below. Registration is free and open to the community!

Community Crochet Clinic with Jeanne Arzillo

Community Knit-In with Spring Duvall

Community Weave-A-Thon with Dr. Rachel Fesperman

How to Make a Crochet Square with Melissa Bube

To learn more about the partnership between Sawtooth and the Senior Services Intergenerational Center for Arts and Wellness, please visit seniorservicesinc.org.