Caring for the Creative Self: A Personal Story

by Denise Hunt

Coping with the loss of my mom is without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve attended one on one therapy sessions, grief writing classes, and group sessions, all have been extremely helpful in their own way. As a part-time photographer, I even used my camera as a way to grieve my mother with a 52-week photo challenge.  It was so therapeutic to use the lens as a way to view my memories and my grief.

When I saw that Trellis Supportive Care was offering a collaboration with Sawtooth for a creative grief series, I knew this was something that I had to try. This group provided such a gentle way to navigate my grief.  From chair yoga and writing prompts to an instructor-led art instruction each week, they cradled you into creatively expressing your grief. This was the most innovative form of grief support I’ve experienced so far on this journey.

Surrounding ourselves with others that are dealing with a painful loss and walking a similar path can be very healing, but when you add some creativity to your plan it can prove to be an outlet you didn’t realize you needed.  I have always been thankful to have Sawtooth in our arts-centric community, but it wasn’t until I needed Trellis on a personal level, that I realized what a blessing they truly are. The staff at both of these facilities are such caring individuals.  I’m thankful for everyone involved in this collaboration.

* * * *
If you would like to learn more about this Grief Support Series, please visit our blog written by Art + Wellness Director, Emily Ortiz Badalamente.