Art + Wellness at Sawtooth

The benefits of using arts in healing have been well-documented over the past decade. The arts have been shown to aid in resolving grief and loss issues, promote increased self-awareness through imaginative expression, and create an overall sense of wellness, relief, and better mental health. Art stimulates dialog and creates a safe environment for self-expression.

The creative process enables our minds to rest from our daily activities and focus on a line or a stroke of the brush. As psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi recently suggested, “When someone starts creating, his existence outside that activity becomes temporarily suspended.” That suspension, is healing and rejuvenating to our bodies and minds

“I stayed back one evening to grab pictures for our website and seeing the Sawtooth instructors interact with our guests was phenomenal. People from all walks of life, who we might see briefly during the day were huddled around tables, patiently receiving instruction, mixing colors, cheering on the creations of others, and smiling––really smiling. What a needed respite from a taxing day at the hospital. How beautiful it is to create in the chaos, depression, and destruction that medical crisis can bring.”  – Ainsley Darnell, Community Relations, and Development Coordinator at SECU Family House