Anna Pate Glover

Anna Pate Glover

Anna Pate Glover is a local mixed-media artist who is deeply passionate about helping others reach their innate potential by engaging with the arts and the support of the community surrounding them. 


Anna Pate studied Fine Arts at Appalachian State University and is currently studying Therapeutic Recreation at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She has been teaching art for six years and has experience working with individuals across all ages and backgrounds. 


Her mission as an artist and as an individual is to help others find themselves through the creative process and find connection and community along the way. 


“I stand by the belief that everyone is an artist at heart and have seen firsthand the transformational power that art and artistic expression can have on the lives of individuals and their surrounding communities. With dedication and an open mind, we can all find our own freedom through creating space for each other and art together.”



Anna Pate is currently the Program Assistant for Arts + Wellness at Sawtooth.