Theresa Brown

Theresa Brown

am a long time career portrait artist,  painter and fiber artist whose career embraces many areas of the Arts. I attended East Carolina University, majoring in Commercial Art and Printmaking.  Years of painting, printmaking and color work led me to explore the fiber arts. Using many similar skills and accumulated

knowledge, I evolved as a hand painter and ecoprinter on leather and fabric. 


I use natural dyes and low impact synthetic dyes and merge them into unique, 

beautiful designs on silk, wool and leather. I transform the finished fabric into 

artisanal clothing, accessories and art. I have taught workshops at many Fiber 

Shows and art centers around the country as well as at my own studio. Those include John C Campbell folk school, Maryland Sheep and Wool, Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Fest, Carolina Fiber Fest, Waterford Craft School, Convergence at Handweavers Guild, Silk Painters International, Aya Fiber Studio, Florence Thomas Art School, Wisconsin Fiber Show, Southeasrt Animal Fiber Fair, Michigan Fiber Show, Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance, North Suburban Needle Arts Guild and many private and retreat venues. You can also find me demonstrating techniques in my booth each October at the Village of Yesteryear at the NC State Fair Heritage building!


I am also a certified practitioner of the art of forest relaxation known as 

“Shinrin Yoku” (which translates to “Forest Bathing.” ) and strive to create art 

that is touched by the influence of Nature.  I am proud of creating everything, 

by hand, that comes from the studio of The Silk Thread. My fiber work has been

featured in international publications such as “No Serial Number” and 

“Belle Armoire”.