Bette Barnett

Bette Barnett

Since 2013 I have devoted my work to exploring and experimenting with steel jewelry. Beginning my jewelry career in 2010, I learned basic skills through private and group lessons with seasoned jewelers and teachers.

In 2013 I began studying the steel/gold processes and continued with advanced workshops with the late Chris Nelson, whose explorations of ancient Japanese techniques were instrumental in launching wide-spread interest in applying fine gold and silver to steel. I have built on those studies by perfecting additional techniques and processes, including Keum Boo and galvanic etching of steel. Currently I am developing techniques to fuse various metals and alloys to steel.

I am actively pursuing research into working with steel and have published articles on the topic n Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. In addition, I have been selected to develop and present a research paper on steel jewelry at the 2020 Santa Fe Symposium.

Before beginning my career as a jeweler/instructor, I gained teaching credentials through my background as a corporate communication consultant. In my former career, I provided extensive training services to the employees of client companies thus fine tuning my instructional capabilities.

I participate in a number of art shows annually and my work is shown at Sparks Gallery, a prestigious venue in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. I teach private lessons in my San Diego studio and offer group workshops throughout the U.S.