Common Ties That Bind

Work by Owens Daniels

“As a visual artist, I combine symbols, references and icons from history with those of the contemporary world to bridge a relationship between art and the human condition,” says Owens Daniels. “The ‘Common Ties’ exhibition uses visual language to challenge the perennial issues and backlash of pre-judgmental public perception of our differences in race, gender, culture and traditions.”

Common Ties That Bind, which will run from July 15 – August 23 in the Davis Gallery, uses bold and innovative visual language to explore timely topics of race, gender and other biases. Join us August 2nd from 5 – 7 PM as Sawtooth will host a reception and artist talk with artist Owens Daniels.

This exhibition is free and open to the public. Private viewings are available upon request to the artist.

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About the Artist:

Owens Daniels, a 2019 Duke Energy grant recipient and Z Smith Reynolds lead artist awardee, is a visual artist and educator whose efforts to merge art with social challenges are changing the community dialogue and perceptions of its identity issue by issue.

Daniels is a visual artist/photographer based in Winston Salem and the face behind ODP Art + Design’s bold, creative and innovative art. His artwork seeks to build bridges and promote cultural exchanges and artistic endeavors between supporting organizations and institutions and diverse communities experiencing gentrification, cultural/sexual identification and incarceration.

July 15 - August 19, 2019