Birds, Bats, and Bones

Sawtooth School presents Birds, Bats and Bones, a two-person exhibition by Bryant Holsenbeck and Nicole Uzzell, on view in the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. Uzzell is the curator for the show.

Their contemporary approach to paper sculpture and their commitment to environmental concerns brought these two artists together. Because of their shared admiration for innovative paper techniques, three-dimensional forms, and positive/negative space, the exhibit contains only free-standing three-dimensional work. Their pedestal, floor-to-ceiling, large/small-scale, and mobile style works stretch the boundaries of representational and abstract sculptures made of paper.

Both artists use abaca and flax pulp infused with natural and man-made materials as their sculptural agents.

Birds are one of the most important indicators of the state of the environment,
 and this exhibit aims to bring attention to the shrinking avian populations around the world. 
Whether ecosystems are managed for agricultural production, wildlife, water, or tourism, success can be measured by the health of the birds in the area.

What needs to be remembered is that both birds and their habitats are in danger.  That fragility is evident in our birds and their bones. Many of the same issues are plaguing the bat populations that are crucial to a healthy environment.

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September 19 - October 25, 2022