Nikki Moore

Nikki Moore teaches global architectural history at Wake Forest University with a Ph.D from Rice University and an S.M.Arch.S from MIT. Her current research centers the role of art, architecture, and social justice in histories of commodity development across modern Latin America. Nikki’s research is supported by the Social Science Research Council, the Mellon Foundation, the Graham Foundation, University-Based Institute for Advanced Study Intercontinental Academia, the Wagoner Foundation, Rice University, Wake Forest University, and the Society of Architectural Historians.

Nikki discovered Sawtooth while teaching Winston’s local architectural histories to students in her World Architecture class. Housed in the original Shamrock Mill, Sawtooth’s iconic roof has been the subject of many of Nikki’s student papers.

Anytime she can get outside, Nikki can be found hiking with her dog, Ginsey. She enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew as well as friends and family, listening to audiobooks, thinking about architecture, meeting new people, and learning new things.