Lynn Gwyn

Lynn Gwyn is the Controller at ILNA Inc., a sock sales and marketing company in Winston-Salem.  She worked in finance, customer service and IT roles for HbI for 24 years prior to working for ILNA Inc.  Her degree is in Accounting from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and she worked in Chicago for 3 years before relocating to Winston-Salem and discovering the charm of the south. 

Lynn discovered Sawtooth while looking for summer fun for her 3 children when they were young.  Sawtooth classes prepared them for high school at R.J. Reynolds where there is signature exposure to creative activities and required arts classes.  Lynn enjoys art shows and museums and wants to explore her creative side since she did not have the same exposure to the arts as her children. 

Lynn lives in Winston-Salem with her husband Mike and rescue dog Griffin.  She enjoys running, reading, baking, and hanging out with family and friends.