Drawing & Painting
"I am most impressed by the combination of expectations and seriousness of a Sawtooth drawing class. The instructor was established professionally, talented, and took his task seriously. At the same time, there were no expectations regarding the work that we produced. He effectively created an environment in which one could explore new techniques, attempt new methods, and safely explore our own barriers as artists. I feel professional intuitions struggle to achieve this balance and I was very surprised to find it in downtown Winston Salem."

For more information about Sawtooth Drawing & Painting programming, please contact department coordinator Amy Jordan Kincaid at graphics@sawtooth.org or 336-723-7395 x.202. You can also sign up for our drawing & painting email list to stay in touch with us.

Spring 2018

  • Experimental Water Media Workshop (45660)
  • Introduction to Abstract Acrylic Painting Workshop (452)
  • Introduction to Paper Marbling Workshop (44467)
  • Nature through Descriptive Drawing (45558)
  • Open Figure Drawing (all skill levels welcome!) (429)
  • Painting Glass and Reflective Surfaces in Watercolor (45670)
  • Plein Air (Open Air) Painting Workshop (4067)
  • Taste of Art - Alcohol and Ink Exploration (4450)

Summer 2018

  • Watercolor Mandala Workshop - Adele Wayman (4547)