Class Image Zen Photography: The Art of Seeing with Whole Body and Mind

Zen Photography: The Art of Seeing with Whole Body and Mind

How we create images is as important as what we photograph. Changing the way we perceive the world around us will over time change the images we produce.

In this class, you’ll be introduced to what we call “Zen photography” or “mindful photography.” Zen has a unique aesthetic, which includes a deep appreciation for stillness, simplicity, beginner’s mind, and finding beauty in the ordinary and mundane.

Over the course of five weeks, we will explore a few of the key tenets of Zen Aesthetics and allow them to inform our image making.

· Wabi-Sabi – Finding beauty in imperfection.

· Seijaku – Calm, stillness, and solitude

· Datsuzoku – Seeing with fresh eyes

· Fukensei – Balanced asymmetry or irregularity

· Kanso – Simplicity, elimination of clutter

· Shizen – Naturalness, absence of artificiality

This class is great for all levels of photography, artists, artists at heart, or the curious wanting to explore the visual richness of the phenomenal world.

You can use whatever camera you have available, including your cell phone.

Each class will include perception exercises, sample images of each week’s content, group discussion, and a compassionate review of student images.