Class Image The Upholstered Wooden Stool

The Upholstered Wooden Stool

Add a new soft side to your furniture making! Join professional artist and educator Annie Evelyn for an immersive workshop that combines basic furniture making techniques with slip seat upholstery. Explore the influence of form, texture and color, while working with the simple form of a four-legged stool. Starting with pre-milled lumber, you'll have the chance to cut and shape a unique design for the legs at the band saw, and combine the form you have created with the fabric of your choice to complete a beautiful new upholstered seat. We will learn to safely use machines such as bandsaws, sanders, and various hand tools. Prior woodworking experience is encouraged, but this workshop is designed for all skill levels from beginners to long time makers.

  • A Material fee of $70 will be added to your total at checkout. This fee covers wood, foam, hardware and consumables but not fabric. Students will bring their own fabric to allow for personalization of the project. See the Supply List for details.
  • Registration will close one month ahead of the start of this workshop on 9/13.
  • Enrollment is open to Students 18+