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Open Wood Studio

Open Wood Studio is designed for the experienced woodworking student (not the beginner!) who wants access to the specialized tools and equipment available in the studio. Students should be familiar with shop tools and safety and provide their own projects/materials to work on.

Please contact Director of Wood Programs, Josie Vogel, at or 336.723.7395 x1207 to confirm your project and wood studio availability before signing up for shop time.

There are two scheduled Skip Days in the Summer 2022 Open Studio Program: 7/18 and 9/5

Session Fees:

- Open studio fees are prorated to reflect planned holiday closures.
- A one month session typically encompasses four weeks and costs $120, or $10/hour for 12 hours of studio time.
- A full 12 week Open Studio is discounted by 10% and works out to $9/hour.
- A single three-hour open studio session is $35. Please contact the wood director to schedule your time in advance.
- Project and material storage is not available

The class is open to students aged 18 and up.