Class Image NEW! 986. Inlays by Hand and Machine

NEW! 986. Inlays by Hand and Machine

Delve into the world of inlays, starting with the basics of the hammer and chisel we will learn and practice the skills of cutting and setting one piece of wood into another. Using hand tools and machines we will create a beautiful, flawless surface where a knot hole once lived or bridge the gap of a check with an arikata inlay. The instructor will provide complex cuts of wood that present unique challenges to be solved with inlay, and students can expect to walk away with a few unique cutting boards that look more like paintings than chopping blocks. The class is open to students ages 14 and up. Masks and social distancing are required in this and all Sawtooth classes.
A Material fee of 25$ will be due to the instructor upon the first meeting of the class.