Class Image NEW! 950 *ONLINE* Introduction to Carving Spoons

NEW! 950 *ONLINE* Introduction to Carving Spoons

As part of a new series of virtual carving classes, This Zoom based class will get you started down the path of spoon carving and whittling away the long winter days. Keep your hands busy creating a beautiful and useful spoon of your own. This class is designed for beginners who are interested in continuing their carving independently. The class will consist of two Zoom meetings to get you acquainted with your new tools give you time with and without instruction to complete your project.

In addition to the class fee, an option will be given to purchase a beginner's spoon carving kit for pick up at Sawtooth for 95$. The kit is curated by the instructor and consists of a straight blade, spoon gouge, safety gloves, sharpening kit, basswood spoon blank and a bench hook. This kit will be a mainstay for all following virtual carving classes with Sawtooth

Registration for this class will be closed on Wednesday, 1/13/21 to allow coordination of kits.