Class Image NEW! 923. Hand Plane Restoration

NEW! 923. Hand Plane Restoration

Hand planes are at the foundation of working wood by hand and have been an important part of the workshop for thousands of years. Since the mid-19th century, the iron-bodied hand plane has become the most common and many were durable enough to survive to this day.

Learn how to fully restore a vintage, iron-bodied hand plane to usable working condition so that it can be put to work in your shop! If you have a plane that you rescued from a flea market, estate sale, or antique store, bring it in! For students who don’t have one of their own, a supply of rescue hand planes will be available for purchase from the instructor for $40 each.

Walk step-by-step through the process of removing rust, repairing damage, sharpening the cutting iron, and tuning up to cut beautiful shavings. There are several modern-day hand plane manufacturers that make excellent products, but a vintage tool will last another lifetime if properly restored and maintained.

Registration will close 7/21/21 to allow time for the instructor to procure suitable hand planes.