Class Image Journey of Creative Cloth:  Dye, Spin, Weave

Journey of Creative Cloth: Dye, Spin, Weave

Join Internationally renowned fiber artist Esther Rodgers from Jazzturtle Creations in this fascinating journey from dyepot to loom!  

Day I:  INTUITIVE RAINBOWS-THE ART OF DYEING PROTEIN FIBERS Have you ever looked at fiber and dreamed of all the colors it could be, but are intimidated of the science behind dyeing- or the tools required? In this class we use fiber as our canvas, and using tools like a crock pot, induction burner and electric roaster, students will learn the essential elements of dyeing protein fiber, for successful dye strike. What makes colors bright, or pastel? What’s the difference between overdye and glazing color? How do you keep color from bleeding? We will talk about color theory and color blending, and how our choices on when to apply the elements of dyeing affect the color and blending we achieve. Students will dye fiber using kettle dyeing, low immersion dyeing and steaming. Students MUST wear a mask (provided) for safety in using the powder dye.   

Day 2:  Spinning day is broken into two half-day sessions - 

CORESPINNING for FUNK and FUNCTION - Corespinning is a wonderful technique for creative spinners and traditional spinners alike. Ever wonder how preserve texture from a chunky batt, add inclusions like sequins, beehives and feathers, or make that cloud of expensive cashmere go as far as possible? In this corespinning class you’ll learn how to do it all! Combining the fun with the function, corespinning is a wonderful way to make the most of your expensive fibers, as well as preserve texture and spin those funky art yarns - even the expensive tailspun yarns. Students will learn techniques including how to corespin yarn with integrity and foundation, how to add all sorts textural of embellishments and how to manage overtwist in the core. Yarn and projects using corespun yarn will be avaiable for discussion and examination.

WILDPLYING- Beehives, Bobbles, Crescents and Coils and How to Use Them! Ever wonder how to how to spin those funky plied yarns with bobbles and coils? In this class we’ll cover the entire process by combining the function with the funky with the essentials of artplying. We’ll spin the singles needed, then we’ll “wild” ply into, coils, crescents, beehives, stacks and spirals! As a bonus knitted and woven samples will be available for examination and discussion. Students must be able to spin a single and ply on a wheel

Day 3:  Wearing Beyond the Edges - starting with a pre-warped floor loom as a blank canvas, students will create their piece using fibers that they have dyed and spun.  

A $170 materials fee collected at registration will cover all materials for the workshop, including:  2.5lb undyed fiber, color wheel, blending journal, dyes,  citric acid, 4oz carded fiber, 1oz top, 1oz of locks and assorted add ins, cotton and mohair cores and cotton plying yarn. 

Students should wear clothes they don't mind getting dirty. Students may bring their own wheel, bobbins, lazy kate, any assorted carded fibers (batts, rolags, roving), any other loose fiber (farm wool/locks/fleece) scissors, a tapestry needle, a niddy noddy if they choose.