Class Image Exploring Grief through Contemplative Photography

Exploring Grief through Contemplative Photography

Maybe you have lost a loved one through death or divorce... Maybe your best friend just moved and you’re feeling isolated... Maybe you are experiencing the loss of a dream unfulfilled…Maybe you are experiencing the disappointment of an expectation going unmet.  In this contemplative photography class, we will explore what it means to cope and heal—how to endure and work with the difficult emotions and experiences that life brings without succumbing to them, without letting them overwhelm us and distorting our perception of life.  Your camera will be your trusted guide as we explore grief through our photographic explorations, choosing colors, shapes, textures, patterns, shadow and light in ways that validate and reflect the emotions that are coming up for us. No photography experience is necessary!  Just use whatever digital camera you have available, including your cell phone.  Please join us! AGES: 16-Adult