Class Image Enamel on Silver Clay with Brandy Boyd

Enamel on Silver Clay with Brandy Boyd

This workshop is part of the Metal Clay Artists Symposium and requires purchase of the General Registration. This workshop meets Friday and Saturday, August 27 & 28, 2021, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm each day (lunch breaks suggested 12noon-2pm each day)

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Learn how to make the perfect metal clay piece for enameling!

Create pieces using two enameling techniques- champlevé and cloisonné. It's your choice to create pendants or earrings (or mix it up!) Our first day will focus on how to create for enameling success and you’ll make your metal clay base pieces. These will be fired and tumbled overnight so they’re ready for you on day two.

Day two will be all about adding color, including information on what colors work best with fine silver, how to finish your pieces for that smooth mirror finish that makes enamel look so dreamy, and all sorts of information you need to know about enameling that will give you confidence to create on your own after class.

A kit fee of $50 will be collected by the instructor during the workshop.

Students will need to bring the following:
25 to 50 grams of their preferred fine silver metal clay (lump) that can be fired at 1600 degrees for 1 hour.
Basic metal clay tool kit
Flat file for metal (preferably a finer cut file to reduce finishing work)
Jewelry Pliers (round nose, chain nose, cutters)

Texture sheets, cutters, and templates will be available for use in class. All tools needed for the enameling portion of the class will be available for use.