Class Image Contemplative Photography and the Wonders of Spring

Contemplative Photography and the Wonders of Spring

Spring is a lot like dawn.  In the cold winter months, the northern hemisphere takes a well- deserved rest.  Come the vernal equinox, everything bursts forth into its own magnificence:  Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips, Flowering Cherry, Forsythia, Periwinkle, and Caroline Jessamine.  It’s finally spring and there’s no better time to get out there with your camera and create some amazing images. 


Each season also brings its own unique quality of light, a fundamental element of our medium.  This class enhances your appreciation of spring’s light – whether during a spring rain or on a cool spring morning, in your home or while exploring Reynolda Gardens.  Participants will work with intensity, hue, and direction, and other qualities of light to support their spring improvisations.  We will explore how light impacts everything in photography including colors, textures, mood. and the story of an image.


My interpretation of contemplative photography is an expansive and unfiltered way of connecting with one’s visual perception and as a form of visual meditation.


Class time focuses on compassionate critiques.  Students ranging from beginners