Class Image Clay Creations: Handbuilding Ceramics | Ages 6-8 | Week 4 AM

Clay Creations: Handbuilding Ceramics | Ages 6-8 | Week 4 AM

In this class, students will have the chance to dive into the fascinating world of clay. They'll get to experiment with a variety of different clay types that span the gamut from kiln-fired to air-dried options. For example, they'll be able to work with mid-range Ellen Buff clay, play dough, Sculpey, Model Magic, and even kinetic sand.

During the class, students will use their newfound clay skills to create a wide range of different objects and artworks. Some of the activities they may engage in include hand-building containers, playing games that involve clay sculpting, and crafting animals and mythical creatures. Additionally, they'll have the opportunity to make wall-displayed pieces that showcase their skills and creativity.

Overall, this class will provide students with an excellent opportunity to explore their artistic side and develop their skills in working with clay.l Magic, and even kinetic sand.

Throughout the week, students will work on their projects, which will then be glazed and professionally fired. Parents will be notified once their child's art is available for pickup, which typically takes three to four weeks after the end of the class.

Ages 6-8

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