Class Image Chair Design: Mock-ups for Furniture Making

Chair Design: Mock-ups for Furniture Making

Designing with mockups gives a furniture maker room to explore forms and proportions and to perfect a project before committing to expensive materials. Working with inexpensive materials such as hardware store lumber and plywood, you'll develop a full-size model of a chair, bringing your own design to life! The process is fast and flowing, allowing us to work through several iterations of an idea over the course of class. Students will get instruction on sketching, proportion, material selection, and construction methods. Class will make full use of the major shop machines, while also implementing less conventional tools and materials, running the gamut from the band saw and jointer to screws, hot glue, and blue tape. No experience is necessary.

Additional Information:
  • A $20 material fee (covers the use of consumables (sandpaper, glue, tape, drill bits etc) in Sawtooth's shop) will be added to the total class fee at checkout.
  • See Supplies Section of registration page for required supplies and fee details
  • Registration will close on 6/8 to allow adequate time for material sourcing
  • Class has a scheduled skip day on 7/13

954. Chair Design: Mock-ups for Furniture Making

+ Instructor: Phil Fuentes
+ Schedule:
Wed 6/15/22 - 7/20/22
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
+ Location: Wood Studio 210-A
+ Non-Member Fee: $250.00
+ Member Fee: $225.00