Class Image Making a Krenov style Hand Plane

Making a Krenov style Hand Plane

In this class students will construct a small smoothing plane using machine and hand tools. Topics covered include basic milling, layout, and gluing up, as well as sharpening and some discussion on wood grain orientation. Over several evenings, each student will make up the parts and assemble a working plane useful for a variety of woodworking tasks out of hard maple. Once glued up, we'll shape the planes to encourage proper planing technique and comfort in a variety of grips, and then get down to making shavings. Students will need a sharp block plane, small hammer, and small square, which will be available in class. You are encouraged to bring a notebook and camera (phone, etc). Some woodworking experience is helpful as this is a fairly intensive class. The class is open to students ages 17 and up. Masks and social distancing are required in this and all Sawtooth classes.

A Materials fee of $60 will be due to the Instructor upon the start of the first class.