Class Image Table Saw Basics

Table Saw Basics

Confidence at the table saw will make you a more proficient and safe woodworker. In a day of instructor demos and hands on practice, you will hone your skills at this powerful tool. As a class, we will break down a full sheet of plywood into manageable portions and learn to use the table saw to rip and crosscut with precision. While the lesson will focus heavily on the table saw, class will also cover using routers to put a refined edge on your work, constructing forms with hand held drills and drivers, and more basic furniture making techniques. Students can expect to leave class with a useful (and cute!) crate that will look good housing your record collection, pet toys or any other odds and ends at home. This workshop will be most beneficial to students with some prior woodworking experience.

Additional Information:
  • A $30 materials fee will be added to the total class fee at checkout
  • Registration will close one week prior to the start of class
  • Enrollment is open to students ages 18 and up