Class Image Greenwood Bowl Carving

Greenwood Bowl Carving

Learn the basics of carving a bowl from a green, fresh cut log. Beginning with a round section of a log, you'll split, hew, rough dimension and lay out the design of your bowl. We will cover how to use an axe and adze safely and effectively as you begin roughing out the shape. You'll then learn to refine the bowl using tools such as carving gouges, drawknives and spokeshaves. Throughout class, the instructor will show examples of finished bowls; lead discussions on material and log selection; review proper drying techniques; and demonstrate proper tool care and sharpening. Students can expect to carve a bowl to a near finished thickness, as the wood will need time to dry before the bowl is carved to its final texture and thickness. Class will be structured around several breaks, as bowl carving is a very active and fairly strenuous process.

Additional Information:
  • A $35 materials fee will be added to the total class fee at checkout.
  • Registration will close one week prior to the start of class.
  • Enrollment is open to students ages 18 and up.