Class Image Moravian Half Stuhl

Moravian Half Stuhl

Learn to make this beautiful stuhl from scratch with hand tools such as the tenon saw, router plane, hand planes, and marking gauge while gaining an appreciation for the durability and elegance of old-world craftsmanship. Lay out and cut tapered sliding dovetails, use auger bits to bore the mortises, cut and wedge the leg tenons and shape the seat into a beautiful and functional piece of art. In addition to the joinery, learn about working with traditional hot hide glue (natural protein glue) and traditional Danish Oil (polymerized linseed oil) protective finish as an exploration of all natural and organic wood finishes. This class will be focused on hand tool work, but we will cover basic power tool fundamentals as well. Class is open to students aged 14 and up. Masks are required in all Sawtooth classes.

A material fee of $40 will be due to the instructor upon the start of the first class.