Class Image Turn and Carve an Ale Bowl

Turn and Carve an Ale Bowl

Turn and Carve a Scandinavian Ale Bowl or snibbskĂ„l, which loosely translates to "Eared bowl." Ale bowls were common throughout northern Europe for centuries. This fun turning project involves turning a wide rimmed bowl and then cutting or carving that rim into "ears" or handles.  The challenge of the project will be cutting a smooth, clean interior of the bowl with just the gouge that requires no sanding. Depending on the pace of the class, there may be time to try embellishments such as decorative painting or carving. With a quick rinse, your bowl will be ready for a draught of ale! All skill levels are welcome, though prior turning experience will be helpful.

Additional Information:
  • A $15  materials fee is due to the instructor upon the start of class.
  • Registration will close one week prior to the start of class
  • Enrollment is open to students ages18 and up