Class Image F. Traditional Hand Tools Series: Moxon Vise

F. Traditional Hand Tools Series: Moxon Vise

Learn the skills and techniques of traditional woodworking while building your very own hand tools, in this ongoing series of workshops.

Many of the students who are looking to learn hand-cut joinery will have a conundrum where they need a way to hold a workpiece for cutting joinery, but they do not have access to a traditional bench. The Moxon Vise is a simple tool for workholding that can be attached to any bench, even the kitchen table! This vise was originally used for dovetailing the wide panels of cabinet work, but it finds its place in the modern shop as a quick way to add workholding capability to any bench in lieu of a built-in vise. The class is open to students ages 14 and up. Masks and social distancing are required in this and all Sawtooth classes.

Materials: $20 payable to the instructor upon the start of class