Class Image D. Traditional Hand Tools Series: Joiner's Mallet

D. Traditional Hand Tools Series: Joiner's Mallet

Learn the skills and techniques of traditional woodworking while building your very own hand tools, in this ongoing series of workshops.

The Joiner’s mallet is a necessary tool for cutting traditional joinery such as dovetails, mortise/tenons, sliding dovetails, and others. In contrast to the round Carver’s mallet which is more common in the modern workshop, the Joiner’s mallet is typically heavier, and has two square faces for transferring the maximum amount of power to the blow. The mallet for this class will be a two-piece construction with a handle that is wedged into the head, creating a joint that can only be taken apart in one direction (so the head cannot fly off). The class is open to students ages 14 and up. Masks and social distancing are required in this and all Sawtooth classes.

Materials: $20 payable to the instructor upon the start of class