Class Image Introduction to Relief Carving

Introduction to Relief Carving

Start your journey into relief woodcarving, which involves removing the background of an image from wood to reveal a picture or design. Beginning with a flat piece of basswood you will transfer a simple fruit design with graphite carbon transfer paper and learn to cut into the surface with various chisels and gouges to establish your design. With an emphasis on cutting effectively and safely, you'll learn make stop cuts, v cuts and slicing cuts using your own body strength as well as with the aid of a carving mallet. Finished pieces can be painted or stained outside of class. All students will finish at least one design with the option to start a second piece if time permits.
Additional Information:

  • A Material fee of $20 will be added at Checkout.
  • Registration will be closed one week prior to the start of class.
  • Enrollment is open to students 18 +