Class Image Woven Footstool

Woven Footstool

All skill levels are welcome to build and weave this Shaker Tape footstool. Learn to use the jointer and table saw to mill and dimension lumber, the drill press for simple dowel joinery, and the router table to create a sleek edge on your stool legs. Finish your stool with a seat woven with Shaker Tape to add some color to your project and a new technique to your furniture making skill set. The material fee for this class covers the lumber and a few other materials for the project, but the shaker tape will be an added cost. The instructor will have a few options in different colors available for purchase, or you will be able to order your own if you are interested in more options. Time permitting, we will have a chance to explore embellishing and decorating with paint. Students can expect to leave class with a lovely woven seat stool and a world of new knowledge about the Shakers and their contributions to the field of woodworking.

Additional Information:
  • A $30 material fee will be added to the total class fee at checkout to cover the wood for this project.
  • Expect to spend $15 - $25 (depending on the dimensions of your footstool) on your weaving materials later in the course of this project.
  • Registration will close one week prior to the start of class.
  • Enrollment is open to students ages 18 and up.