Class Image ONLINE Living a Creative Life: Natural Dyes and Embroidery with Kelsey Brown

ONLINE Living a Creative Life: Natural Dyes and Embroidery with Kelsey Brown

Natural Dyes and Embroidery with Kelsey Brown

Living a Creative Life is a series of workshops in collaboration with local artists. Each 2-part workshop will feature a different artist who uses their creative process and artmaking practice for self-expression. These workshops are equal parts artist talks, tutorials, and community discussions. Come prepared to learn about the artist’s practice and creative process, learn a new skill or technique, and share your artmaking experiences with fellow participants.

Workshops will be held over 2 Zoom sessions. In the first session, participants will be part of an informal interview and Q+A with the artist about how they use creative expression in their life and personal artwork, learn a technique specific to that artists work, and experiment with artmaking on their own. The 2nd meeting will be an opportunity for the group to share their artwork with each other and the artist, discuss their creative process, and how it can play an important part in our daily wellbeing.

$25 supply fee due at time of registration. Supplies will be available for pickup or mailing.

The class is open to students ages 14 and up.

About Kelsey Brown:
Intention and process are at the core of Kelsey Brown's fiber work. Knowing where her materials come from and how they are made fascinates her. She harvests, grows, or makes many elements of her work. Inspired by a love of the natural world, a lot of her art pays tribute to where it came from. From collecting natural dyes on hikes to weaving old cassette tapes, she loves the stories of items we own, use, and consume.

Kelsey loves learning and teaching. She is the inpatient program coordinator at Arts For life, bringing the arts to pediatric patients across the state. She volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club garden and the Children’s Home in WS growing natural dye and fiber plants, and teaching youth how to dye with the plants they grow.