Class Image Photography and Haiku

Photography and Haiku

Words and images together are often more potent than either alone. Haiku photography combines photography with a short poem to link the essence of nature with human life. The idea is not to describe, but to allow readers to enjoy a similar experiential feeling that the artist had. Haiku invites us to observe one’s experience with present moment awareness. It is the literary equivalent of contemplative photography. How do you make a haiku photograph? Participants begin by observing a flash of perception, like a splash of color or a moment of human interaction. We can also begin with a memory or association. Then we bring our camera to eye level and receive an image. This class is not about the latest gear or about camera craft. It’s about a contemplative “practice” in the pursuit of that unique image that expresses one’s personal visual experience. No photography experience is necessary! Just use whatever digital camera you have available, including your cell phone.