Class Image The Art of Photographing the Human Form

The Art of Photographing the Human Form

The Fine Art Nude has been a part of our visual language and this class explores the human form in photography. Using light, shadow, posing and other techniques to show the beauty of the human body. Since communication is key when photographing models, we will learn the proper etiquette for working with your subjects and other photographers in a group setting. This class will build over five weeks to teach students the basics of lighting, posing and working with models until the class is prepared to work with fully nude models. In this class you’ll learn: how to direct your model and common posing mistakes to watch for, basic lighting set ups and how to use lighting to elevate your images, how lens choice and camera angles can change your images, and how to use props and creative concepts to create new work. This class is for intermediate and advanced photographers who know how to use all of the controls—both auto and manual—on their DSLR cameras and are comfortable with their photography skills. Please note this class will happen off site in Winston at the Photographers Studio.