Class Image Intro to Lightroom Masking

Intro to Lightroom Masking

Please note this class will be conducted via ZOOM for all three sessions and focus on the game changing tools recently added to Adobe Lightroom Desktop (LrC Version). Subject and Sky selections are AI based selections reducing what used to take hours down to mere minutes. These new revolutionary tools greatly affect the way we as photographers should edit. This class is for those wishing to understand and improve their digital workflow and editing skills. Whether a hobbyist or professional photographer, understand why the V11 2022 build of Adobe LrC is the most significant improvement to photo editing in over a decade. This 3-week class covers the complete masking workflow, and more importantly, the why, when, and how these tools should be used. This class requires you have a computer and stable internet connection at home as classes will be conducted via Zoom. If you do not have the Adobe Lrc software, Sawtooth will provide free access to it for the duration of the class. Ages 15-Adult.