Class Image Lightroom II: Workflow

Lightroom II: Workflow

Lightroom Classic (LRC) is arguably the most powerful image editor for photographers. Go beyond the basics of  (LrC) to better understand the why, the how, and the when, to use specific tools and settings. Topics taught in this class include:  learning to create dynamic, customized  'Develop Mode' presets specific to the images in your library, using curves to create various film stock looks, a deep dive into essential plug-in and backup strategies, black and white conversions that don't stink, color grading, panorama stacking, basic vs advanced AI sharpening and more. Images used to illustrate these techniques will include landscapes, macro photography, studio portraits, candid images, travel photography, and more. Take your images to next level with this advanced lightroom class. Sign up today. 

Lightroom Basics + or a firm understanding of the basic import, develop, export modules in Lightroom Classic (LRC) is reuqired.