Class Image Film Photography Project Walking Workshop

Film Photography Project Walking Workshop

June 5th-7th

Join the Film Photography Project for a weekend seminar at Sawtooth. FPP was founded in 2009 by Michael Raso to support and inspire film photographers and movie makers around the globe. FPP started as a podcast and grew as followers wanted more. Walking workshops have been held in New York, and London but never in this region. We are excited that FPP has chosen to hold their next workshop at Sawtooth.

Whether you are new to film photography or an experienced professional, the Film Photography Project Weekend Workshop has something to offer everyone! FPP founder Michael Raso and a team of dedicated and enthusiastic industry insiders will bring an exciting weekend of workshops. Activities will cover a range of film photography topics including large format, wet plate, home development & chemistry and much more. Test new products, exchange ideas and test drive new skills – maybe even win the raffle!