Class Image New York Street Photo Expedition with Charlie Hahn

New York Street Photo Expedition with Charlie Hahn


June 26th-June 29th
Fee: $400 ( excludes hotel, transportation and food)

Travel with us to New York City for the urban photo expedition of a lifetime. Charlie Hahn, street photographer and New York expert, will be your guide. He will teach you how to approach people with a camera, how to get out of your comfort zone, the importance of camaraderie and collaboration and seeing beyond the technical. Think Diane Arbus.

Tuition is 400 dollars excluding transportation, lodging or food. It includes all your guide time with Charlie and a personalized tour of The International Center of Photography.

The focus will be on candid street photography, landscapes and many dynamic New York Locations. Some of the highlights include the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Square Park, the Vessel ( think M.C. Escher) and the East Village. There will also be plenty of time to explore the museums and document the New York City Pride March on Sunday.

Charles Hahn is an award-winning photographer who lives in Winston-Salem. He has shown his work nationally. One of the highlights of his career was winning the Soho Photo Gallery National Competition.

He grew up in Buffalo and often ventured into New York city capturing photos of famous people like punk rock legend Patti Smith.

He creates incredible images by combining his love of fine art with his passion for street photography. His secret: he finds the imperfections that make us who we are.

“The subjects in my photos are always more important than the overall photograph itself. There’s an attraction I have to a person’s imperfections that stand out for me when I find a subject.”