Class Image Explorations in Silver Metal Clay

Explorations in Silver Metal Clay

Explore the many possibilities of silver metal clay as an expressive medium through this indepth workshop! This 3-day workshop will take you through increasingly complex projects to stretch your skills with silver metal clay. Develop technical understanding and mastery to help you find your own unique creative vision and personal voice. We will cover the following and beyond: Best practices and tools for proper handling, rolling, texturing, storage, firing and finishing metal clay. Working dimensionally by sculpting, layering, embellishing, adding stones and fused and dichroic glass. Combining traditional metal with metal clay. Working with hollow forms, using organic materials for structure, and creating forms which can be joined together. Whether you are a seasoned metal clay artist or someone just discovering the joys of this fantastic medium, this workshop will help you expand your creative voice in wonderful ways. It is designed to allow you to work at your own level and your own pace and focus on the techniques and projects that are the most meaningful to you. Kit pricing is subject to change, currently at $125 for 50 grams of clay, gemstones, glass and consumables. Payable at the workshop.