Class Image ONLINE Carving & Creating Texture Hammers

ONLINE Carving & Creating Texture Hammers

Structure of Class: 1-1.5 hours of video in 5-7-minute pre-recorded video clips on the Vimeo platform, with real-time Zoom meetings 8 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday, January 31 & 31, where students receive help with questions or problems and work in their studio on creating their hammers.

This online 2-day workshop teaches you to create your own texture hammers to make unique metal surfaces for handmade jewelry. Learn to carve designs into hammer faces, heat treat the hammer heads for durability, and set the heads on handles. Workshop supply kits will include materials needed to make 4 texture hammers. With 2 faces per hammer, this means you'll create 8 different textures to choose from.

This workshop runs in real time for 2 days, 8 hours per day. Students receive links to the videos 2 days before the workshop to begin reviewing. They will also receive a supply kit a week before the workshop.

Workshop supply kits ($80.00 fee, payable at registration) provided by NC Black include:
2 round hammer head blanks
2 square hammer head blanks
4 hickory handles and wedges
Green buffing compound

Registration deadline is January 12 due to kits.

"Taking the Textured hammer jewelry class in my own studio with all my tools available is very helpful. To have this energizing class in my studio heightened the energy, Andrea and Chuck are so generous with amazing information, I learned so much I will take any and all classes Andrea offers in the future. "

"When you take one of Andrea's classes, you know you are in for a 4-in-one class with her! :) You usually feel like you have learned a lot at the end of the workshop, and not only around the topic you signed up for! She knows a lot about everything, so she can answer all your questions (and she is very generous in her teaching). I will highly recommend any of her workshops!"

- Comments from the last Online workshop with Andrea.