Class Image Steam Casting in the 21st Century

Steam Casting in the 21st Century

Low tech in execution but sophisticated in theory steam casting is a fun way to do lost wax casting without much equipment. There are several methods to cast metal. Gravity works if metal mass is heavy enough. Centrifugal casting is used for small amounts of metal. Vacuum casting pulls the molten metal into the mold. Pressure casting includes both compressed air or steam to push the metal into the mold. The flask is both mold, melting crucible and steam generator. To make this work the sprue cannot be larger than 14g or else molten metal can drip into the mold. Once the metal is melted in the “button/crucible ” area of the flask a jar cap with wetted paper attached to a wooden handle is pressed against the hot mold and melted metal. The heat of the mold and melted metal produces steam which forces the metal into the mold. That’s it! Students will carve hard wax for rings and we’ll make hot glue gun rings.