Class Image Art + Wellness Community Group - VIRTUAL

Art + Wellness Community Group - VIRTUAL

Life feels especially stressful right now as we live through a pandemic, along with our everyday life stressors. We invite you to join a supportive community group for artmaking geared at self-expression, exploration, and increased wellbeing.

The Community Art + Wellness Group meets weekly over Zoom for five weeks with a focus on the process of creating art for self-care and wellness. Facilitated by art therapist Emily Ortiz Badalamente, each group meeting will open with short mindfulness exercises, followed by artmaking and group discussion. Each week we’ll explore a different artmaking process and how it can be utilized for creative self-care. No art experience is needed for these workshops, and they are open to any adult who is interested in exploring self-expression and wellness through creativity and community. Specialty supplies are included in the cost of the class and will be available for pickup or mailing prior to the start of the group. Additional basic art supplies are required and listed below for purchase on your own.

Open to adults 18+.

Watercolor set
Drawing pencils
Water-proof pen, such as Micron brand
Glue stick
Small sketchbook