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Calligraphy - Workshop

“THREE STROKES AND THE TRUTH” There is a sweet logic to the italic hand. In this intro workshop, we will think outside the box, to get inside the rectangle, and recover the triangle. A study of sequence and shape shifting will give you a security of form. You can easily Register at | See website for more details and photos! | 251 N. Spruce St., Winston-Salem, NC
own this method of building a solid italic hand.the afternoon: “ANGLE, WEGHT AND FORM” Johnston’s wisdom. The afternoon class will reinforce the morning, process. We will construct a logic of form for the broad edge tool, along with a conscious effort to bring various conceptual elements together. Branching will be our focus.Time only allows for lower case, but capitals will be discussed. Please come with a beginners mind, this way You are fluid and open. Bring a pencil and tracing paper, pen and ink supplied