Class Image ONLINE. Learn to Paint

ONLINE. Learn to Paint

Are you someone who never painted before, but would like to learn how to? This workshop series is for anyone who wish to learn how to paint realistic paintings in any medium. Whether you are a complete beginner or just unsure about some of the fundamentals
of painting this course is for you. Viktoria will walk you through the most important elements of the painting process.
Each workshop in this four part series covers one or more of the basic building blocks of traditional art. Each weekly segment includes prerecorded video demonstrations, lectures, assignments, plus a live feedback and Q&A session via Skype.

PART I. Introduction to Painting: Materials & Supplies Overview, Organizing the Palette, Brush strokes & Techniques, Design & Composition

PART II. Understanding: Value, Form, Edges, Creating 3D Forms, Painting Light & Shadow

PART III. Color: How to mix paint, Basic Color Mixtures, Temperature,
Hue, Saturation

PART IV. Preparing for Painting: Surface Preparation, Learning to Use Thumbnail Sketches, How to Paint a Study, Tonal Sketching & Under Painting, Blocking-in & Learning Simplification