Class Image Lasercut Stencils

Lasercut Stencils

Saturday, 1/8, 10am-12pm at Sawtooth
Saturday, 1/15, 10am-2:30pm at Mixxer

This class is a collaboration between Sawtooth and Mixxer Makerspace!
You will learn various techniques for designing original, stencil-friendly images that can then be cut into sturdy and re-usable mylar stencils at Sawtooth.  After the first class meeting, you will get tips for choosing, altering, and finalizing your design, you will have a week to fine-tune your images.  The second class meeting will be at MIXXER, where you’ll learn how to set up the laser, cut your designs, and then use your stencils in various mixed-media techniques.  You’ll then have all the skills you need to go to MIXXER on your own if you want to create more stencils! The price of the class includes a starter pass to Mixxer Maker space, which includes two more visits to Mixxer after the class is over.