Class Image ONLINE Improvisational Quilting and Hand Piecing

ONLINE Improvisational Quilting and Hand Piecing

PLEASE NOTE: This is a two part class which includes a prerecorded video. The first part of the class has been prerecorded and will be made available to you 2 weeks before the class start date. The date listed is a 1-hour follow-up Zoom session to review further techniques and answer questions.

Learn the intuitive and creative process of improvisational quilting for textile art. Rather than using a pattern or plan, we’ll allow our textile art to grow organically as we piece together scraps and cuts of fabric. Along with different embellishment techniques, you’ll learn the basics of hand piecing, constructing a quilt, hand quilting, and finishing as we create a small wall hanging.

This improvisational process can be incorporated into larger pieces of textile art or can be applied to traditional quilted blankets. A kit is included with all necessary materials, but you are encouraged to use any of your own textiles to personalize or add meaning to your artwork.