Class Image Raku Kiln Building & Raku Firing Workshop

Raku Kiln Building & Raku Firing Workshop

Learn how to build an efficient Raku kiln with ceramic wools and metal wire casing. Students will also learn to properly layout a movable brick foundation for Raku firing. History of Raku and Raku glaze theory will be presented through an one-hour visual presentation. 

Upon the completion of Raku kiln building, students will Raku on the 2nd day of the workshop at SECCA and learn various post-reduction methods. Ages: 16 - Adult

A $30 material fee for 25 ibs of stoneware clay, Raku glazes, and raku firing will be added at time of checkout. 

The Raku kiln building portion of the workshop is held in our new studio located at the Generation Center / 114 W. 30th St, W-S, NC 27105.

The Raku firing is held in Sawtooth Wood Fired Kiln Pavilion located at SECCA / 750 Marguerite Dr, W-S, NC 27106

Friday and Saturday classes will both be held from 10am - 3pm.